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romantic comedy

He’s a powerful, arrogant A-hole CEO. 
Then the little dog I adopted inherits his billion-dollar company.

This sexy enemies-to-lovers tale stands totally alone. It's a straight-up romantic comedy, but being that I wrote it, you know it's gonna be dirty!   Kindle | iBooksmore links & full info 

ultra-dirty romantic comedy

The bank teller training manual said nothing about what to do if three amazingly hot and dirty-minded bank robbers were to take me hostage.

Um…never mind. I figured it out!

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A sizzling, twisty enemies-to-lovers tale


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Includes prequel.

They're dangerous men. Absolute enemies. And totally hot for each other.

Kit is a hot and arrogant bodyguard who drives Will crazy because they are supposed to be enemies...but omg the steamy desire!

Perfect if you're jonesing for another Associates-type book, but not as gritty, or if you came from the comedy side of my stuff. 

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romantic suspense

I love spy novels. I love brainy, hot, dirty-talking alpha heroes.  These steamy, plotty books stand alone!

Cole makes a pretty jewel thief act as his fake fiance. Total enemies-to-lovers action!  kindle | iBooks  | all links

Macmillan uses linguistics to bring down a psycho! Winner of the prestigious RITA. kindle | iBooks | all links & info

Thorne won’t trust you if you’re nice to him. Which makes it hard to love him.  kindle | iBooks | all store links & info

Zelda trades places with her twin sister who's in tons of trouble! (yummy angry sex alert!) kindle | iBooks | all store links &  info 

Darker. Hotter. Wilder!

Annika whispers: Sometimes I love heroes who are just really really bad

These books stand alone, though there is a family story in the background.

He’s a devil in Armani--loyal, obsessive, and dangerous. kindle | iBooks | all stores & info

Madly, insanely possessive. kindle | iBooks | full stores links & info

Mafia prince lost in the wild. Three words: Totally freaking savage!  kindle | iBooks | All store links & full info

Super dark and dangerous!

Prisoner: a hot, dangerous inmate breaks out of prison…and drags the pretty volunteer English teacher along on a steamy cross-country odyssey. kindle | iBooks | all store links & more info

Hostage:  The police say he’s obsessed with me…but I’m the one who can’t stop thinking about him.  Kindle  | iBooks | all store links & more