The Hostage Bargain


The Hostage Bargain

The Bank Robbers #1

“So dirty and omfg so funny! I wanted it to last forever!” Night reader

“Mind. Blown. This. This. This.” Bella on the Bookstack

My evil banker boss had the whole town under his thumb, but nobody more than me.

I was miserable. Trapped.

Until the three hot AF outlaws came to town.

They robbed my boss’s bank like it was child’s play. They took me hostage. They blew that town in a blaze of fury.

Seriously OMG.

I’d never been in a car chase before—I’d never even been more than a few miles away from our farm. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me, and I was all in.

Then I learned about their wicked ideas for the four of us—outrageous and shocking desires that mean I’ll never have to choose between them.

Yes, please!

But now my beautiful badasses are becoming obsessed with me. They’ll do anything to protect me. And the more I discover how wounded and lost they are, the more I realize how much they need me.


Being wanted by three protective men is the best thing ever. Too bad they’re wanted by every law enforcement agency ever.

How will our fledgling family survive this?

The Bank Robbers…pure reverse harem deliciousness!  (read in order)
1. The Hostage Bargain
2. The Wrong Idea
3. The Deeper Game
4. The Most Wanted
5. The Hard Way
6. The Best Trick

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“It’s been a while since I read an erotic romance that made me want to read it in one sitting…the build up to the intimate scenes was almost as hot as the actual scenes.” Fiction Vixen