Hot Ghost

Hot Ghost
“…such a good ghost story. There is a lot of sweet, a little sad, a bit of steamy, and a boat load of laugh out loud FUNNY.” Danyelle, Amazon

A standalone Halloween tale with a hot AF ghost!

Cassie Nolan is stuck for yet another summer working in the family business: leading groups of tourists down to the haunted pier to witness the nightly visit of the ghost known as Old Salt.

Yes, Old Salt really is a ghost—a young sea captain who died in 1879.
And yes, he clanks his chains. The tourists are always amazed.
Cassie? Not so much. Because really, chains? Could he try for a more original haunting technique? Or just give it up already?

And okay, maybe she insults Old Salt when the tourists aren’t around.
She never thought he was listening. Or that he had a few of his own thoughts about her attitude.
And she never in a million years imagined he was soooooo hot!!