The Deeper Game: out now!!

The Deeper Game is out! 

The Deeper Game is finally out! I can’t wait for you to read this. It contains two of my favorite sex scenes I have ever written. Er…you’ll know when you hit them. Also, I don’t know if you noticed this, but The Hostage Bargain is sort of Zeus’s book, the Wrong Turn is kind of Thor, and The Deeper Game is very much Odin’s book. And I so love Odin.

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Q: Who would stalk Isis?

A: Somebody with a deathwish.

Isis always knew her bank robbers were ruthless, dangerous, and brilliant. After all, they take their names from gods. They’ve eluded law enforcement agencies across the globe. And with just the crook of a little finger they’re able to bend her to their every kinky desire.

But it isn’t until the threatening letter arrives for her that she realizes just how ruthless, dangerous and brilliant her three men are.

The stalker’s threats unleash the robbers’ most primal and possessive instincts as they blaze a path of destruction through the criminal underground. The culprit lands in a prison hospital before the outlaws can get their hands on him, but at least Isis is safe. Or is she? Can the robbers let go of their obsession with banks long enough to recognize the danger swirling around her?


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Gorgeous new covers!!

I’m so excited about these lovely new covers for Isis and her Hunky Captors. Check it out! They’re done by Amber at Bookbeautiful.


Book #1 of Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers. Yeah!!


Book #2, which features a bank robbery in kilts. Isis has short hair by this time, but she often wears a wig for robberies. So, think of this as her robbery look.


Book #3 of Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers. This is the most daring cover!! And my fave.


Cover wars!

This is really fun – on Thursday March 6th there will be a massive cover war on Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews between the Make Me box set authors and the Riding Desire box set authors. My cover of Hostage Bargain is up at 10 am EST…against one with a hot couple and a puma!! Noooooooo! Come vote. Win prizes. Be wild!! See you there!!

The Hostage Bargain: nominated for best of 2012 by The Romance Reviews (menage & more category)

I was SO thrilled to learn this week that The Hostage Bargain has been nominated by The Romance Reviews in the category of Erotic Romance: Menage a trois and more. It is such a massive honor just to be nominated! ‘

Isis and my hunky bank robbers are in some pretty awesome company over there.

If you enjoyed The Hostage Bargain and feel like giving a shout, the voting takes place here.

Hostage Bargain on Best of 2012 lists!!

I’m so excited that The Hostage Bargain has made a couple of Best of 2012 lists! It’s on A Buckeye Girl Reads A few of my favorites reads list along with a great group of stand-out books *so honored!!*

It’s also on Penelope Romance Reviews top 20 of 2012 list, totally sweeping the category of “Favorite Erotica Novel About A Sheep Farmer And Some Bad-Ass Bank Robbers.”

This is actually a really funny post that is also a great place to find out about Penelope’s favorite bearded Vermont Firefighter romance, Favorite bearded Russian hero and more!!

Go, Penelope, go!! Read the list here…

Wicked Nights Fabulous Awesome Sale!!

Hey Friends!

So, an alert on an exciting sale!

From October 30th to November 13th, a group of erotica authors (including me!!) have lowered their prices to 99 cents on one book each.

These are TEN fabulous books for less than a buck each. I’ve read a lot of them. It’s like a smutty smorgasbord of awesomeness!

You can read more about the books at Skye Warren’s place.

There is a fabulous giveaway along with it! Check it out below!  Rafflecopter giveaway

The Wrong Turn released!

Book #2 of Taken Hostage by Hunky Bank Robbers is finally out!

It ran a bit behind schedule (somebody has finally learned her lesson about overly ambitious release dates!) But it’s all polished up and full of smutty adventure and I’m so crazy excited about it. You can grab it for $1.91 at:


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Also, The Hostage Bargain got a new cover! Here is what it looks like now:


Have a nice weekend!



Wrong Turn….release update + Six Sentence Sunday!


Zeus lowered the binoculars and directed the full intensity of his gaze at me. “Nothing says fuck you to the powers that be like robbing a bank in kilts,” he said. “And apparently you think they’re hot.”

“I do,” I said.

“There’s not a lot we wouldn’t do for you, goddess.” He said this last warmly, humorously, but I felt the gravity behind it, and I recognized it for the deepest kind of truth.


Hey friends! I also have a quick update: THE WRONG TURN is moving into the proofreading stage, so we’re looking at an October release, instead of late September. I am so sorry for the delay, but I want it to be perfect when it goes out. (The good news is that I’ve learned my lesson about ambitious release goals.)

I’m really excited about this book, though! And I have a snippet in honor of 6 sentence Sunday!!