Behind the Mask


Behind the Mask

“I love this book! Check out Behind the Mask for one of the best sex scenes I have read this year!”Regina, Badass Book Reviews

What do you do when dangerous criminals win your twin sister in a card game? Trade places, of course.

Zelda and her sister grew up with identical faces, but their lives couldn’t be more different—Zelda became a secret agent while her sister got caught up in drugs. Zelda will do this one last thing to save her sister. She’s handled lethal men before…she can do it again.

But things don’t go as planned. Zelda ends up getting traded deeper and deeper into South America. Suddenly she finds herself at the beck and call of a domineering and mysterious new captor. Is he just another criminal? Or is could this be the legendary killer she spent all those years hunting back in her secret agent days?

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“I am hooked on Carolyn Crane’s Associates series.”Under the Covers Book Blog