Undercover Associates Fabulous Box Set

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Undercover Associates four-pack series set

Undercover Associates: the box set!

All four steamy, thrilling, award-winning Undercover Associates novels collected into one convenient and money-saving edition.

Against the Dark  – Playing the fake girlfriend of hotshot secret agent Cole Hawkins? It’s the last thing Angel wants to do. But Cole makes her an offer she can’t refuse , and it’s just one weekend, right? What can go wrong?

This book has an awesome heroine who gets by with a little help from her former girl jewel thief gang

Off the Edge  Laney is running from her psycho ex-husband…and it’s not going well. The only person left to turn to is Professor Peter Maxwell. But what can a linguistics scholar do to help her, anyway?  It’s not as if he’s a badass secret agent with a super nerdy way of solving crimes…right? Though he does seem to have some unusual skills…

This RITA winning book is a love letter to all of you word nerds.  

Into the Shadows –  He’s a twisted, brutish killer who kisses like a god and won’t trust you if you’re nice to him. Which makes it hard to love him. And he must never, ever discover her secret. 

Welcome to the ultimate wounded dark hero-fest, nominated for the prestigious RITA award.

Behind the Mask – What do you do when your twin sister is won in a card game by dangerous cartel members? Trade places, of course! Zelda returns to the spy game one last time…and comes face-to-face with a man who looks a whole lot like the legendary mercenary she hunted in her CIA days. 

This book has my most caveman-y hero and the angriest sex scene ever. Rawrrrr!

“It’s official: Carolyn Crane’s Associates series is on my auto-buy list.” Kindles & Wine