The Grumpy Billionaire

The Grumpy  Billionaire books

Hugo Jones: Brother’s best friend. Mega billionaire. Grumpiest boss ever. 

I’m the most feared man on Wall Street…unfortunately, my best friend’s little sister hasn’t gotten the memo.

I brandish equations like lightning bolts and shatter fortunes with mere scribbles on a whiteboard. People up and down Wall Street steer clear of me—or come to regret it.

My walls are impenetrable as Alcatraz, and my self-control? Rock solid, my friend.

Except when it comes to her.

The woman I’ve secretly longed for. The only woman I can never have.

My best friend’s little sister, Stella.

Growing up, she saw me as a heartless robot. It couldn’t be further from the truth, but a promise I made to her brother binds me, and my code of honor is as rigid as my isosceles triangle.

I hadn’t laid eyes on her for years, but now she’s in the heart of Manhattan, and I’ve unintentionally sent her career into a nosedive. My solution? Offer her a job at my hedge fund.

Suddenly I’m the boss of her, faced daily with her sparkling eyes and gummy worm obsession–and her infuriating refusal to stay away from me.

Well, I buried my feelings for her once before. I’ll do it again—to the nth degree.