Free Mafia Hotness and tales from the kitchen remodeling trenches

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News from the remodeling trenches! 

So our remodeling job continues, which you would be totes caught up on if you were subscribing to my newsletter.  I’m starting to see light at the end of this thing!

Our condo is kind of small, so when workers are here, I feel like a zoo animal on display. Look at me on my treadmill working! Look at me sit in the bedroom with the door closed feeling weird. Anyway, look at our bathroom. OMG is this tile amazing or what?

Okay, it’s not the most fair comparison because the before picture is totally yellowy, but that shower enclosure was all plastic and now it is this awesome tile! Our tub is full of painting and tiling stuff, aka the best kitten toys ever that we are cruelly keeping the kittens out of.


Above, the stone tile floors are in! we’re pretty excited about getting rid of the saddest linoleum ever.

saddest linoleum ever.


So below is a lot of our kitchen stuff – in boxes in the dining room. OMG I needed coffee the other morning and I couldn’t find the grinder and I really was freaking out.

Also note the kitten barrier. The workers are sometimes like, I love cats, it’s okay if they hang out! But then Oblio hangs out and starts chewing on their power tool cords and playing in the plastic and they realize maybe not. Oblio totally loves these plastic tarps. He can see out, but nobody can see in!!

Rome and Edinburgh!

You guys, I am so freaking excited to be going to RARE book signings in Rome this fall (September 28th 2019) and Edinburgh June 27th 2020!  Wheeeeee!!

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