Vacay pics and a fabulous boxed set!

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Vacay report!

This week I visited my mom, who was on an extended vacay in Florida. We read on the beach and ate at restaurants, which is a lifestyle I can totally get into. She wanted to read Wake Up Call Girl while we were there, so I brought it, but I also brought Flowers from the Storm and I made her read that first, because I know she would be picturing me in all of the sex scenes and I could not deal!

Above: There was huge freak April snowstorm while we were there!! Mr. Martin did NOT go and here is our text picture exchange.


Two pictures of the launch from outside the restaurant (stills from videos). We were eating and everyone came out to see the launch. Left, two cooks and the street. Right, the spaceship. Which just shows that people are so much more interesting than things!