April 7, 2019 – report from NIBB

 The North Iowa Book Bash 2019 was super fun!

Annika at her table

Here I am at my table. I love love love meeting readers!!


This is such a fun, friendly event. This is what it looks like, if you imagine three of these rows of tables. I met my editor Sadye for the first, time, too! And I found out I’ve been pronouncing her name wrong – I call her sod-yay, but it’s just another way of spelling Sadie. Oh the perils of getting to know people online.


My pal Mira and I put on Katy Perry sparkle lipstick at lunch and it wouldn’t come off. The sparkles migrated to our chins and I guess it made a good story for people who visited our tables, unless we forgot to say something and they just maybe thought…face sparkles? Poor Mira had on way more than I did!!